Commercial Gas Services

Tightness Testing and Purging

CGE Southern specialises in tightness testing and purging, from routine tightness testing and purging to decommissioning systems, capping off and making safe. We can test and purge gas installation pipework exceeding 1M3 in volume and anything up to it. All jobs are entirely risk-assessed, and we will provide certification on completion.

Boiler Installations and Plant Room Upgrades

Passionate about optimising energy efficiency and enhancing operational performance, we are your trusted experts in boiler installations and plant room upgrades. With years of industry experience, we specialise in crafting bespoke solutions for businesses across various sectors. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and cost-effective systems that ensure seamless operation. From concept to completion, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations, complying with industry standards, and providing sustainable solutions. Join us in creating a greener, more efficient future for your facility.



The primary heating and circulating pumps are the forefront of any commercial heating system and if they are not maintained the system will never work correctly and if they fail it wont work at all.

This is something that we focus on and on every planned preventive maintenance visit were appropriate we will always change over the pump duties on twin head pumps to spread the work load between them. This stops the spare pumps seizing up for long periods of not being used. If this is not done regularly you could find that when your main pump fails when you change over the pump duties the spare one will also fail causing complete loss of heating and hot water.

We can repair existing  pumps that are not working or install new pumps depending on the clients wishes.

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Regarding resolving boiler breakdowns, we are your reliable and rapid-response experts. With a proven track record in the industry, our skilled technicians are dedicated to getting your heating system back up and running efficiently. We understand the inconvenience and discomfort caused by unexpected breakdowns and pride ourselves on our swift and practical solutions. Whether a minor glitch or a significant issue, we can diagnose, repair, and restore your boiler to optimal performance. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities, 24/7.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

PPM is imperative in the smooth operation of a commercial plant room and it saves £1000’s to have this done regularly it dramatically reduces the chances of plant equipment failing as you can see what equipment has deteriorated and address it accordingly.

If PPM’s are not completed regularly it is quite common that when a breakdown occurs there are multiple reasons due to different equipment failing at once causing costly repairs. CGE Southern offer PPM plans at very competitive rates.

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Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Commercial Gas Engineers Southern Ltd specialise in the installation, service and repair of direct fired water heaters from the planning all the way through to instillation and the removal of the old water heaters.

Gas and Water Pipelines

Our specialist contractors provide a complete gas pipework service for Facilities Managers, industrial and commercial gas customers and M&E contractors throughout the UK.

We carry out excavations for new installation, repair and maintenance requirements and reinstate afterwards.

We install PE for low- and medium-pressure installations and steel welded and screwed above ground.

We manufacture, install and maintain medium-pressure governor rigs and offer maintenance contracts to ensure 24/7 peace of mind.

We carry out under-pressure work to maintain the gas supply to other parts of your system.

We carry out surveys, prepare drawings and line diagrams and provide compliance reports to ensure that your gas pipework system is kept up to date with Gas Safety Regulations and Statutory Compliance requirements. Contact us today for a complete survey.

Overhead Heaters

We can service, maintain and install warm air units and overhead heaters. We can organise the hiring and off-hiring of scissor lifts for access if needed. Our prices are highly competitive; we will issue certification upon completing satisfactory work.

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